iRobot Roomba 886 for pet hair


iRobot Roomba 886 is an automatic vacuum cleaner, the task of which is to clean our home when we are not currently in it. The device can run onto the carpet, remove the animal’s hair, and thanks to special sensors, it will not fall down the stairs, will not damage the wires or pull the curtains.

We decided to thoroughly test the capabilities of the iRobot Roomba 886. After the last test, we received a lot of questions from you. That’s why iRobot Roomba has come into our hands again. This time we will check it in two salons – hairdressing and motorcycle (article can be found in our automotive project called

Choosing a hairdressing salon as a place of battle for iRobot is not accidental. A large number of hairs of different sizes, residue from hairspray and hair cosmetics simulate the harsh conditions that the device will encounter at home with pets.

How did Roomba 886 do? She passed the test very well. She cleaned the places that we had especially dirty more thoroughly, starting to circle around them in larger and larger circles. The spinning brush helped to remove the hairs from under the furniture. The cleaning itself did not take too long and it turned out that the device is also an interesting addition to the hairdressing salon and it handles hair quite well.

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